Add Batch of Revisions

SiteSupervisor creates a familiar digital drawing register format making storage, approval, management, and distribution of drawings across the Site Team more controlled and seamless than ever before.  

Tip: you cannot upload new drawings as a batch. The functions described here are for revisions to already-uploaded drawings. Select “Add drawing” if you are uploading a new drawing to the discipline.

Tip: Uploading a revision adds a column to the drawing register.  

Revisions can be uploaded individually for drawings when on a drawing page, but SiteSupervisor also also supports submitting batches of revisions to your drawings in a particular discipline. Revisions can be uploaded to several different drawings, or multiple revisions to a single drawing, or any variation in between.

To begin, in the relevant drawing register, select “Add batch of revisions” in the right sidebar.

Step 1: 

In the “Add Revisions to <discipline>” popup, files can be added either via dragging and dropping the file, or by selecting the upload button. All files you wish to upload as part of the batch must be selected at this stage.

Tip: To help avoid confusion during this process, it’s recommended that the file names used for the revisions allow you to clearly identify which drawing they are associated with and what revision number they are.

Step 2:

If there are no issues uploading the revisions, select the “Next” button to proceed.

Step 3:

Next you must select the associated drawing for each revision. If you have accidently uploaded a file you didn’t intend to, you can remove it at this step. Select the “Next” button to proceed once completed.

Step 4:

Fill in the remaining details for each revision individually. 

  • Revision status* eg For Construction
  • Comment

Tip: If you select to roll forward public markups, ensure that the drawing is oriented to match the original drawing so the markups line-up with the revision. If the image is not correctly oriented, it can be rotated using the button provided.

Any additional documentation files, such as CAD or BIM files, can also be attached to the drawing. Select the “Next” button to proceed to the next revision.

Step 5:

Set the revision dates for each drawing, and the order of revisions if there are multiple for a single drawing. Note that all revisions must take place after the previous revision for the drawing, and you cannot have duplicate date/times on a single drawing.

Once you’re done you can select “Evaluate” to auto-check the revisions dates are valid and can be added to the drawing, and then “Finish” to complete uploading the revisions to the discipline.

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  • 05-Sep-2018