Sending a New SiteComms Message

As a member of a SiteTeam, you can send a SiteComms message to anyone else in that SiteTeam (ie anyone else on that project). Sending a SiteComms is a really easy and powerful way of managing communications to get the answers you need from others on the site, or to give instructions.    

Hint: choose a SiteComms message type that best fits your need, for the type of communication you are having.  

To create a new SiteComms message, click on the SiteComms Navigation Icon in the upper right corner then select the New SiteComm menu link.  

Once sent, all SiteComms messages are structured using a consistent format:

  • details of your SiteComms message are displayed at the top of the message
  • if you have requested a formal response, then this is clearly indicated in the message body
  • a section below the message body is provided for anybody who is part of that SiteComms thread to add their comments.

Whilst the thread remains open, anyone within that thread can invite other collaborators into the thread.  Use this feature to "keep someone in the loop" or get someone else's opinion on something. 

This simple, easy-to-follow structure, helps your team collaborate to arrive at the desired outcome faster, and without confusion.   This is fair-dinkum unbelievable.

Want to see it in action?   Watch the video.

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  • 18-Sep-2018