About SiteOverview

SiteOverview provides site-specific project information regarding the set-up of the project which you are on.

This section is generally completed and maintained by the Principal Contractor or an authorised delegate, and is viewable to everyone assigned to the project.  Project members can view this section to quickly find:

  • Key role assignments on the project (eg who are the safety officers?, who on site has a first aid certificate?, who has authority to approve drawings?)
  • Emergency Information (eg where is the nearest hospital?, what are the hotline numbers?)
  • Project Permits  (what permits have been granted for this project?)
  • Certificates (what certificates have been attained for this project?)
  • Disciplines (what project disciplines have been defined for this project [eg architectural, electrical, mechanical, environmental etc] and who is the authorised consultant responsible for each discipline?)
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  • 01-Aug-2018