About SitePlans

SitePlans is where the drawing registers are managed. Users with a high level of permission can define the disciplines to be applied on a particular project.  The drawing registers for each discipline are automatically generated, using standard transmittal formats recognised across the industry.

Drawings are the central element to any construction project. This is central to SiteSupervisor’s philosophy, and is why we’ve put so much effort into creating an easy-to-use system of engagement around the drawings.

SitePlans delivers powerful functionality including review of plans in exquisite detail, markup of existing drawings and approval of revisions.  A really neat feature is the ability to overlay one drawing over another to either compare one revision to another, or to quickly identify trade co-ordination issues.

Need to explain a location issue on site?  No worries. Mark it up directly to a drawing to very easily identify the location and problem. Then include the marked-up drawing in your communication to prevent misunderstanding to locations and issues.

Forget the trek down to the site office to look at old versions of the drawings.  Get the latest every time, instantly, and straight from your pocket with SiteSupervisor SitePlans.

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  • 18-May-2018