About SiteComms

SiteComms is SiteSupervisor’s easy-to-use messaging system, helping team members on a project communicate effectively.  SiteComms provides a range of structured message types to help you keep track of and manage the information you are sharing or seeking from others. The message types help you get the attention of the people you are sending these messages to, and you can clearly see what the status of the communication are. At a glance, you can see the messages you need to respond to and those which you are waiting for a response on.

In addition to helping you communicate effectively during the project, with SiteComms you have a structured central repository of all communications on-site, allowing for a transparent audit trail. So rather than having communications scattered across various devices and formats and whereabouts unknown, you can now bring all your communications back to one central point easily and conveniently with SiteComms.

Want to see it in action?   Watch the video.

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  • 13-Sep-2018