About Personal Profile

The Personal Profile section is where you manage your professional profile within SiteSupervisor, including things such as personal qualification documents, training certificates and licences that you have.   

No more searching through drawers at home for all your accreditations…. Just store them once in your SiteSupervisor Personal Profile and you’re set for every site you go to.   

Note that when updating your Personal Profile, an indicator on the screen lets you know who can see information you enter:

Visible to project members 

  • This information is visible to everyone on the project and other people in your business. This information is shared to help promote good communication between team members. 

Visible to business administrators

  • This information is only visible to your employer or a business administrator of your employer, to help your employer manage its employer/employee relationship.   Within SiteSupervisor, the ”employer” refers to the person who subscribes to the SiteSupervisor platform.

Visible to your business administrators and principal contractor

  • This information is visible to (1) your employer/business administrator, (2) the person who has been explicitly named as the principal contractor and (3) to any staff member of the principal contractor’s company who has been assigned level 4 permission; typically the site or project manager.  Visibility to information in this category helps your employer and the principal constractor’s organisation work together to execute their duties with respect to site compliance, verification of licences, etc.   Some limited information in this category is also viewable to project members, but not at a detailed level.  As an example, the fact that John Citizen has a forklift licence will be generally visible across a project, but any documents uploaded as evidence of that license will only be visible to John's employer and the principal contractor. 

Want to see it in action?   Watch the video.

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  • 13-Sep-2018