SiteSupervisor Icons Explained

Here's a quick summary of the SiteSupervisor icons:


Site Comms - This opens SiteComms: SiteSupervisor’s easy-to-use messaging system, helping team members on a project communicate effectively.  


Notifications - This lists SiteSupervisor notifications directed to you.


Personal Profile Menu - This opens a menu of items which are not specific to any particular project such as your personal profile, business profile and help. 


Search - This opens a search window where you can search for a person's name, project, SiteComms reference ID, a drawing number and more.


SiteSupervisor Logo - This is a shortcut the dashboard of your projects.

The following icons only appear on mobile devices to overcome challenges of the smaller screen size:


Toggle Right Panel - This presents the information that normally appears on the right panel of a larger screen (such as a laptop or tablet).  It contains summary details and some buttons for further actions. 


Project Menu - This present the project-specific menu that normally appears on the left panel of a larger screen (such as a laptop or tablet).   

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  • 23-May-2018