Attach Insurance

MyBusiness: Insurance

The Insurance section in Project MyBusiness profile contains all relevant business insurance uploaded uploaded to the project. Insurance documents uploaded in your  Business Profile can be attached to the project' MyBusiness profile. To manage your insurance documents, navigate to MyBusiness menu on the left panel of your screen.

Attach Insurance

To upload an insurance documents to the project MyBusiness profile, click the  button on the right panel of the screen. By default, the insurance documents uploaded in your Business Profile are available for selections.

You can filter the documents for selection by using the Search document function. To select the insurance document to attach to your project, tick the checkbox beside its name. A selected insurance document will have a highlighted checkbox next to it. You can select multiple documents to attach at one time. 

To attach the selected documents click  button, otherwise, click  button.

Note:  To import an Insurance document to this project, first upload the document to your Business Profile.This will allow you to then import it into this project.

Remove an Insurance Document

To remove the insurance document, click the Remove button beside the name of the document. To confirm your action, click  button.

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  • 30-Apr-2018