Add an Employee

SiteSupervisor allows a business to maintain a record of its active employees, their paperwork, and the employee hierarchy within the business.  Onboarding employees to the platform unlocks powerful capabilities both from a business perspective, but also within the context of individual projects which the employees will be assigned to work on. 

Tip: Your employees must be added to your business in SiteSupervisor, before they can be assigned to one of your projects in SiteSupervisor.

Navigate to the Employees tab within the Business Profile . From the Employees tab, you will find the list of employees defined in your Business Profile.

It is important to note that this feature is not related to any specific project - rather it is a list of employees in your business.   

Add Employee

From the Employee tab, click the Add Employee button found on the right panel of the screen.  

You can also define employee's access rights to Business Profile information on this function as well as the employee's initial role to the business. Employees with Principal and Administrator roles will be granted access to view all employee details.

To save the employee details click  button, otherwise, click  button. 

Note: The newly added employee will receive an email notification with a link to navigate through an on boarding process. 

Edit or Deactivate an Employee 

To edit an employee's basic organisational role and supervisor, or to de-activate the employee, navigate to the Employees tab with the Business Profile and click the  button. Tick the Deactivate Account checkbox to terminate employee's account in SiteSupervisor. 

To update the employee details click  button, otherwise, click  button.

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  • 18-Oct-2018