Message Types

Below are the different message types which can be selected when sending a New Message via SiteComms:

  • General - This type of SiteComm message is for general use between team members.
  • Submittal - This is used to submit an action, process or item to another party.  This is similar to “Request for Approval” but provides a broader set of response types, and may be more suited to particular user groups. 
  • Notice - This is generally used in a communication to a broad group for information purposes, where no response is expected.
  • Memo - This is used for sending a memo to an individual or a small group of people to put something on record.
  • RFI - This is a formal request for information which will result in a specific site instruction.
  • Transmittal - This provides a method of distributing any type of transmittal with a formal audit trail.
  • Request for Approval - This is used to gain formal approval on an action, process or item from another party.
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  • 18-Jun-2018