Creating a Project

When you set up a Project in SiteSupervisor, you are establishing a working ecosystem for various parties to be invited into, in order to deliver a defined outcome.  That outcome might be a block of apartments, a renovation, contracted construction or maintenance works, commercial development etc.   Projects are normally created by principals or architects.

The project definition is completed to include high level information such as location, site information, site policies, registered builder etc.  Using SiteSupervisor's unique System of Engagement, authorised users are then able to invite other businesses to join their project.  

Inviting other businesses to your project is not a commercial construct - that must be dealt with separately.  Rather, this is a way of quickly and effectively making the engagement happen with business partners, whilst providing a common technology platform across the project for all project members to benefit from.

SiteSupervisor's unique System of Engagement seamlessly and simply delivers a powerful ecosystem for effective collaboration across the project.

You should only ever create a project if you are actually defining the project from scratch.   If the project already exists in Site Supervisor then the normal course of events is that you will be invited to join someone else's existing project.

Steps to create a new Project

To create a new project, click the  icon on the lower left corner of the screen or the  link on the upper right side of the screen.  Once in in your Home/Dashboard,  click on the  button in the right panel of the screen.  A popup window will appear that will prompt you to enter some of the basic project information such as project name, project number and site address. Click the  button to create the project.

Want to see it in action?   Watch the video.

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  • 11-Nov-2018