How are Permissions managed?

The Permissions system built into SiteSupervisor provides powerful capabilities to manage and control who can do and see what, in relation to Project information and  drawing Disciplines.  

For most users, the Permissions system is not something to be concerned about, unless SiteSupervisor is preventing you from seeing or doing something which you need in order for you to undertake your task. If this situation occurs you should raise it to your supervisor for their attention.

Within the context of a project, the Site Lead for a business has access to specify or change the permissions for employees within their business to an equivalent or lower permission level than they themselves have been allocated. If you are a subcontractor or consultant on a project, then you can check My Business on Site to review permissions allocated to your team.

Authorised personnel will be prompted at key points to specify permissions.  These key points include:

  • Adding a new employee to your Business
  • Adding an employee of your business to a Project
  • Inviting another business to work under your business on a Project.

Authorised personnel must assign appropriate levels of permissions on a case-by-case basis. It is important that these assignments be made carefully considering the access requirements of the project team. That said, here is some general guidance:

  • Level 1–  this permission level is best suited for short-stay visitors, or one-off entry to a site where the transfer of statutory documentation such as safety plans, policy and compliance documentation is required for entry, and the recording and storage of site induction. Level 1 provides no access to the Drawing Register.
  • Level 2- This level has been specifically tailored for Subcontractors or employees of a Subcontractor, Consultants or the Principal Contractor. It allows access to all site documentation including the drawing register, but no access to upload or delete anything publicly within a project. 
  • Level 3- This level is specifically for Consultants who are responsible for a public (publishable) drawing discipline. If the Consultant does not have a role where management of a drawing set is part of their contract, we suggest level 2 be allocated to that Consultant. Access to this level gives all of level 2 permissions plus complete control over a specific public drawing discipline, as designated by the Principal Contractor. It is important to note that even though the Consultant can manage and upload drawings, the issuing or publishing for general use will still be only available to the Principal Contractor (Level 4). That may be a designated person appointed by the Principal Contractor or the allocated role within the project.
  • Level 4 - This Level is for what we would call the Principal Contractor (or in some countries referred to as the "General Contractor" or "Builder"). More succinctly, this is the entity holding full responsibility for the works. This level has control of the site compliance and policy’s inductions etc. The Principal Contractor is ultimately responsible for the construction and construction site, and most importantly for issuing of drawings and revisions to the project team. SiteSupervisor permissions follow the hierarchal processes that are inherent to every construction project. In simple terms, Level 3 can upload drawings to the drawing register but they are not formally issued and not broadly visible. It is a level 4 who checks and approves the drawings to be formally issued to the site, if that option is selected as part of the set-up in SiteOverview.
  • Level 5 -  This is the System Administrator; a designated employee of the Principal Contractor of the level 4 permission business, or it may indeed be the Principle Contractor themselves on smaller projects. This person can do everything in level 4 AND is the only person who can create, delete, and archive projects.  

Technically, what these permissions allow is as follows:

  • Level 1 - View project information; No access to any drawing discipline.
  • Level 2 - View project information; View drawing discipline
  • Level 3 - View project information; Manage a drawing discipline register 
  • Level 4 - View and modify project information; View, modify issue and delete all of the drawing disciplines
  • Level 5 - View, modify, and delete a Project; View, modify, and delete drawing discipline. 

As a footnote, it is not unusual for a team member or business to have different permission levels on different sites.  For example, on some projects a business may be the Principal Contractor and on others the same business is a subcontractor depending on their contracts or works order.  SiteSupervisor Permissions fully (and seamlessly) supports these nuances of the construction industry through our unique system of engagement. 

Want to see it in action?   Watch the video.

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  • 15-Mar-2019