Assign Positions

MyBusiness: Positions

The Positions section in MyBusiness page lists the employees from your Business Profile and their respective key roles in the project. You can manage your employee's project roles by navigating to the MyBusiness navigation menu on the left panel of the screen.

Assign Team Member

To assign key roles to your employees, click Positions tab.To manage employee's key role, click the  button found on the right panel of the screen. A popup window will prompt you to select a position and nominate an employee for the selected position.

Note:  Employee must be added to the project first before he can be nominated for any position.

To confirm employee assignment, click  button, otherwise, click  button.

Remove Employee Assignment

To relieve the employee from a project assignment, you need to remove the employee with corresponding role from the list. Click the  button next to the name and position, and confirm action by clicking the  button.

First Aid Certificate Holders

Employees from your Business Profile with uploaded First Aid Certificates will be displayed on this section.

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  • 30-Apr-2018