Approve/Reject a Drawing

If the uploaded drawing requires approval, designated approver will receive a notification of recently uploaded drawing requiring approval. 

There are two ways to approve or reject a drawing:

  • Click on the SitePlans on the left and select a Discipline in the sub menu section. Once a discipline was selected, click on the revision number link to open the drawing.
  • Open the drawing for approval is by locating and clicking the notification sent to the supervisor. 

To approve or reject the drawing, click the   banner found on top of the screen.  This will bring you approval/rejection page where you can approve or reject the request and provide your official response.

Prior to approval, the supervisor can send a message or inquiry to the owner of the drawing by using the SiteSupervisor messaging portal by clicking the  button. A messaging section will expand where you can write your message. On the message, you can add attachments and/or a markup on the drawing to supplement your discussion. To send the message, click the  button, otherwise, click  button.

To finally submit your approval/rejection response, click the  button, otherwise click  button.

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  • 03-May-2018